Considering A Boarding School For Boys?

Although government-provided education is free-of-charge here in the United States, many parents prefer to send their kids somewhere else for their education.

Some might not be happy with the caliber of their local government-operated schools, and others might have kids with special needs. An alternative is to find an academy that’s rather far away from the hometown, and to send the kids there to live. History shows that this has been especially favored for boys. There’s much information on the Internet that can assist you in selecting a boarding school for boys.

Parents can make a choice depending upon the needs of their child. Those who would just like something better than the local public option can opt for a “prep school”, which will generally teach grades 9 through 12. The main difference between them and your local public option is that the courses are specifically geared toward preparing the boys for college. (You’ll also find some that teach grades 6 through 9.)

At military academies, students have to wear military-style uniforms and undergo military-style training. They may also sponsor JROTC (US News) programs, in which students have to take leadership classes, and take part in military ceremonies and drills. Non-military academies are centered more around civilian life, and could be partnered with a church. Many institutions have been in operation for a rather surprisingly long time. (There’s at least one that’s been operating since the late 18th century.)

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Either way, their advertising brochures talk about their accreditation, their focus on academic superiority, and their small class sizes. (There may even mention about the number of their graduates who go on to do well in college.) Also, they claim to teach creativity, critical thinking skills, and about how to learn.

They’ll also tell about their social and athletic activities, and about how they can shape a student’s character into that of a productive and well-adjusted adult. Many of these academies are either in small towns or somewhere in the countryside. Generally, the faculty live on premises with the students.

While boarding schools are most popular with boys, there are several that are devoted to girls (see this article. For troubled girls, this may be a good option. For on girl who grew up in the wildness and chaos of Las Vegas, being sent to such a school was a godsend. This young lady of Japanese ethnicity had become involved with a Vegas escort agency that specialized in the services of Asian call girls.

Other academies have been established for children with behavioral or emotional problems. They can help children with a wide range of issues, such as ADHD, substance abuse, anger management, or depression. You may find these located either in the mountain wilderness, or on a Western desert ranch. Either way, vigorous outdoor activity is a major component of the therapy. Counseling for parents might also be available.

You may be wondering, what’s the point in sending children to a single-sex academy?

Many people claim that children can learn more competently when they aren’t pressured to interface with the other sex. Some studies demonstrate that students at a single-sex learning institution have a better record of academic achievement. Girls, some specialists explain, learn differently from boys, so teaching methods should be specifically designed for each sex.

If you’re considering one of these options, you’ll want to be aware that they’re not inexpensive. However, some of these institutions do offer financial aid.