What Jobs Can You Get with a CAM License?

In order to become a certified community association manager in Florida, you will need to get a license. To get your CAM License Florida, you need to make sure that you meet the minimum age requirement which happens to be 18 years. When you are sure that you pass this age requirement, then you can proceed with other steps, including the compulsory online CAM course which is offered by the Florida Community Associations Academy. To learn more and register go to www.flcaa.com where you can get your CAM License in Florida online.
A lot of people do not really know what they can do with their CAM license, well; this article will clear that ambiguity.

CAM License Florida: Jobs Available to the Holders of this License in Florida

1. Association Fund Controller

This is one of the important jobs that you can get as a community association manager. This job entails that you have to actually handle the funds and also regulate how these funds are used in a particular association that you are working for. This job requires that you have a reasonable idea of the financial and economic market. You will also give advice where necessary on the need for money to be expended or not on a particular project. You will also be in charge of preparing the budget for the association and monitoring how petty cash is spent within the association.

2. Association Finance Manager

This job requires the community association manager to know when to prepare both the monthly and annual documents that are required in a particular association. It needs to be noted that accounting skills are highly needed in this job and it will be out of place to deliver an inaccurate budget as that will be detrimental to the growth of the association.

3. Association Secretary

Anybody that has the CAM License can be able to secure a job in an association as a passive secretary that prepares a notice of association meeting. The community association manager also conducts the meeting in line with the association’s set rules.

4. Administrative Officer

A community association manager can carry out certain administrative duties which are needed in a particular community association. This could range from overseeing the proper documentation of reports and day to day expenditure of the association.

In conclusion, becoming a community association manager in Florida has a lot of great benefits attached. You are sure to get employed by a homeowners’ association, mobile home parks, cooperatives, condominiums, timeshares, and other associations. When you are employed by these associations, you can be able to carry out any of the jobs listed above. This job will also require you to be able to coordinate various types of maintenance tasks to be carried out to ensure residential development. Therefore, the best time for you to be a community association manager in Florida is now. Visit www.flcaa.com to get your CAM License in Florida today!

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